We provide a full line of customized services tailored for each individual client:

 We provide answers to questions, solutions to problems and "hands on" assistance in Making The Cash Register Ring.

Using this list will assist you in identifying need areas that apply to your own situation:

My market is changing, things are not the same today. What do
    I do? Is it time for a fresh set of eyes?
Do I have the right DJ.. do I have the right format for my
    target clientele ??

Should I remodel or create a whole new concept?
Is it time to develop a serious business renewal program?
Could I use some help to create & implement a 6 month
    marketing program for my business?
Is my radio copy tired... are my spots no different than other
Am I getting the most return for my invested advertising dollars?
Do I need to upgrade & retrain my staff, improve guest service
  I consider tighter controls? Do I need some written
    policies & procedure manuals?
What about the Internet should I develop/update my Website?
If I do get on the Web, how do I use it to promote my business?
Am I utilizing all my social media options ??
What else should I be doing to reach my customer base?

Is it time to bring in a consultant to give me a professional,
    unbiased evaluation of my business, tell me where I stand, offer
    to assist me in developing a serious business renewal program
    designed to increase traffic & Make The Cash Register Ring?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!", then contact us so we can start talking about solutions. Use this convenient Email Inquiry Form. We're always ready for a new challenge and welcome the opportunity to partner w/you, become an expert consulting member of your team & help you "MAKE THE CASH REGISTER RING !!"

On-Site Business Evaluation-Consulting

Our on-site visit provides you with an honest, professional "report card" evaluation of your business from A-2-Z with a neutral point of view. This visit is customized to fit the clients specific needs. We evaluate: 

Your Market & Your Competition
Your Total Concept A To Z
& Employees
Your DJs & your music mix, format
Guest Service
Traffic flow
Entertainment Format
Music programming
/Cash Management

Remodel & Upgrade Your Existing Business or...
Creating A Whole New Concept

Market Research
Business Plans
Pro Formas For Financing
Site Selection
Design/Layout/Traffic Flow
Sound/Lighting/Video Design
Prepare Equipment Specs
Prepare Bid Packages
Qualify Contractors/Purveyors/Suppliers

Personnel/Training/Team Building

Manager/ Employee/ Recruiting - Interviewing
Manager/ Employee/ Orientation/Training
Customized Employee House Policies & Training
DJ recruiting/placement, developing tighter guidelines
   for the personalized music format that targets your
  specific clientele base

Services We Offer Through Media Dog Marketing:

Promotions & Marketing

Business Renewal Programs
Sales Building Programs
6 Month Promotions Planning
Grand Opening Campaigns
Media Advertising Buys
Display & Radio Ads
Support Graphics - Flyers, Posters, Invitations,
Direct Mail Programs
Internet Marketing - Email Newsletters & Text
   Messaging,.. social media A2Z
Web Site Design, Creation & Management

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