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Greetings! My name is Ray Ford. I've been in the Hospitality business most of my adult life. My career has provided me with the opportunity to work in many challenging situations. From mom &  pop neighborhood bars to huge nightclubs.... from restaurants to hotels, from small companies to large national chains ... even a cruise ship along the way.

I was one of the creators of the legendary Bobby McGee's food/dance chain. I helped to build, open & operate the first 16 Bobby McGees facilities. When your a principle, building a company, you wear many hats & participate in operations at all levels.

I was active in R&D, market research & scouting new location sites. Participated in the design & construction phases of all new BMC units along with other members of the Senior Mgt. Committee.

I was the 1st club DJ/programmer, trained & supervised our BMC DJs & company music menu policies, created a career path for my DJs. (many advanced to become mangers & supervisors)

As V P, Marketing & Entertainment, I was responsible for beverage sales which accounted for nearly 50% of the $35,000,000 annual sales for the chain.

As a corporate trainer, I was active in recruiting, hiring & training personnel at all levels. Served as part of the supervisory staff that assisted in all new store pre-opening activities.

After 12 years of opening & operating 16 units in Ariz, Cali, Texas, Colorado, Alaska & Hawaii, I resigned from Bobby McGees & sold my stock so I could focus on developing FORD Management Services, My company provides consulting & marketing services for the Hospitality Industry. 

We assist clients in creating new & renewed concepts for hotels, restaurants & nightclubs. To date, I've been privileged to participate in the creation or upgrade of over 100 unique new concepts throughout the US, Canada & beyond.

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For more about FORD Management Services, see our Nightclub & Bar magazine cover story on the Waterfront in Cincinnati.

Training Seminars - A service that we've provided for many of our clients. In addition, we feel our public workshops have set the standard for excellence. Over the years, more than 10,000 people from all 50 states, foreign countries & the world-wide military club systems have attended.

Along the way, I've also worked with well over a hundred DJs, did my own DJ thing in some 35 clubs in over 20 states, Canada, Iceland & the Caribbean. And, YES! It's been a fun ride...

The Management Best Seller - An e-book adventure in learning on CD, "Bar/Nightclub Management & Marketing - 101 Ways To Make The Cash Register Ring!" is based on over 30 years of my own real life experiences. This "hands-on" workbook sets the Hospitality Industry standard for food & beverage operators. We feel it's one of the most complete packages of its kind in the business! A mini-college course packed with ways to help you to become more successful & .... "Make The Cash Register Ring!"

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Who We Have Served

Here's a partial listing of organizations who we have consulted for
on-site & who have sent employees to our seminars:

Babes Sports Bar Entertainment Center – Albuquerque, N. Mex.
Baja Beach Clubs – Florida, Georgia
Bally's Corp – Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston
Billiard Palace – Anchorage, Alaska
Bobby McGees – Arizona, Texas, California, Colorado, Hawaii - San Francisco, CA
Cyber City Cybercafé - Las Vegas, NV
Culver Companies (hotels) - Portland, Salem, Oregon
Dick Clark Productions – LA
Dimensions/Planet Zir Entertainment Complex - San Jose, CA
Disney's Pleasure Island – Orlando, FL
Entertainment One – Multiple Texas Locations
Fantasy Show Bar – Mt Ephran, NJ
Finnegan's Pub – Bangor, Maine
Gables Nightclub - Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Gilliam Investments – Texas, Minnesota
Graham Entertainment – Arizona, Texas
Harborage Corp. – Texas, various US
Holiday Inns – Various US
Holly’s Inc. (2 Holiday Inns & restaurants) –  Grand Rapids, MI
Hospitality Corp. of Manitoba (5 locations) – Winnipeg, Canada
Hot Rod Dinin’ & Dancin’ – Honolulu, HI
Landmark Hotels – FL, PA, Michigan
Legends – La Cross, WI
McFadden Partners – USA Café – Ft. Worth, TX
Mister Lucky's – Phoenix, AZ
Outer Limits Entertainment Complex – Bradenton, Florida
PCDJ (Visiosonics) - Clearwater, FL
Pier 34 and Mushalu Floating Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA
Portland Spirit Dinner Cruises - Portland, Oregon
Precinct Steak House – Cincinnati, OH
Sterling Hotels – WA, OR
Studebaker's – FL
Toby Restaurants - Manchester, UK
US Air Force – US Army - US Marines - seminar/workshops
US Navy MWR – CA, MD, WA, SC, DC, Iceland
Waterfront Entertainment Complex – Covington, KY (Cincinnati)
Waterside Live! Entertainment Center – Norfolk, VA
Web City Cyber Café –  VA Beach, VA
Weingartner/Hammons (hotels) – OH, Various US
Ziggy's/Buzz Cyber Café – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Related Activities


The Ford Report is a free Hospitality Industry email newsletter for subscribers in the worldwide Internet community. A recent count revealed subscribers in 50 states & 42 countries around the planet.


Since 1985, I've been affiliated with the Night Club & Bar Trade Show & Convention, held every March in Las Vegas & each summer in regional locations around the US. I am a founding member & past board chairman of the Advisory Board that plans the shows and gives direction to Nightclub & Bar Magazine & website.


In 1995, we made the transition to cyberspace by creating our highly acclaimed business sites on the Internet. FORD Management now offers a full line of Web Marketing services including web page design & webmaster services. Some of our web design credits include:

Hospitality Industry Resource Center This website,
   online since 1995  - Site for DJs, music & MP3
B-21 Fine Wines & Spirits - High volume beverage
   retailer in Florida

Gables Nightclub - Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Tropic Zone - Gift Shop, Clearwater Beach, Florida 
Blanch - Worldwide listing of Bars, Nightclubs,
   Restaurants & Cybercafés - National Licensed Beverage Assn.
Solitude Wines
Marietta Cellars
MediaDogMarketing - We Use This site to
   Create & Manage Websites, Promotions, Email
   Newsletter & Text Messaging Services

Some Technology Credits

I was a Microsoft beta tester for Windows 95, 98 & Vista.

Back in the late 90s, I was pleased to be one of a small, forward  thinking group of worldwide DJs who began utilizing the net to communicate & trade music tracks... before there were any restrictions or limitations on such activities.

And, in March, 1999, I was recruited by RealNetworks to join the alpha team that developed the RealJukebox mp3 audio player, the first complete all-in-one device for ripping, recording, creating playlists for mp3's & then dubbing your music to CD. That was a really kewl experience!

And, I am a proud to have served on the board of The Hampton Roads Internet Association.






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The Ford Report
is a free Hospitality Industry email newsletter for subscribers in the worldwide Internet community. A recent count neted subscribers in 50 states & 42 countries around the planet.



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