"Bar/Nightclub Management & Marketing
101 Ways To
Make The Cash Register Ring!"

Produced by industry guru, Ray Ford, this powerful tool takes you step by step through the business renewal process. We feel it's one of the most complete packages of its kind in the business! A mini college course for food & beverage managers packed with real world specifics.... tailed information that will help you to become more successful in "Managing Your Environment" and.... "Making The Cash Register Ring!"

"Traffic & sales don't begin when the doors open for business. Success begins with a well-oiled machine that's totally prepared to handle the traffic AND create sales once the doors open." Ray Ford.

"Labor is not just a number or % to shoot for. It's also a human resource you can manage to maximize sales & service." Ray Ford.

Part I - "Tuning Up The Money Machine - Getting Ready Fro Success"

Traffic & sales don't begin when the doors open for business. Success begins with a well-oiled machine that's totally prepared to handle the traffic & create sales once the doors open. We take you through the three major steps of business renewal:
"Where Do I Stand?" "Where Am I Going?" & "How Do I Get There?"

Highlights: Tips on how to create a step-by-step business renewal program designed to increase traffic & sales... turn your business into a money machine; Building a sales action plan that includes all the elements of operations & marketing; Creating a Super Bowl winning gamelan using all your resources; Results: Maximum $$$ return for your team effort - all the formulas A to Z... and much more. Detailed input on getting your business ready for success!!

Part II - "The Ultimate Promotions Kit"

How to: Develop a six-month promotions & marketing program A to Z; Designing promotions that work; Tips on how to organize & manage promos, get your staff motivated & involved; Examples on how to effectively use the nine basic types of advertising (including the Internet)...and much more.

Over 30 Traffic & Sales Building Promotions - Each promotion is detailed & easy to follow from A to Z. Each is designed to help you make the cash register ring! 

Promotions for each month, most holidays. Enough promos here for practically every occasion. Now, you can plan your Promotions Calendar for an entire year! 118 pgs. Worth the price of the whole package all by itself!

Part III - "Managing Personnel For Profit"

"Labor is not just a number or percentage to shoot for. It's also a human resource to be managed to create maximum sales & service." Ray Ford.

Tips on how to improve your business operation at all levels by using proven personnel techniques to upgrade staff, improve service, create new or upgrade your existing policies, programs. Includes: Manager job functions/responsibilities: Manager's daily checklists; The manager coach, the concept of team building;
How to create recruiting ads that work; Helpful tips on interviewing. What questions to ask... what not to ask; Evaluating employees -guidelines on how to spot winners & losers;
The manager as a trainer, nine-step training method, how to instruct; Complete house policies/standards outlines that can be customized top meet your specific needs;
Alcohol awareness manual, & much more.... The Complete Personnel Policy Manual.

Factoid: Over 10,000 people have purchased these books or attended seminars based on their contents.

Part IV - "Creating A Business Plan For Financing"

We all know how difficult it can be to get financing for a new project or an upgrade. Yet, everyday, businesses are getting the financial assistance they need. We can help. We know what investors & bankers are looking for. "Creating A Business Plan For Financing" gives you powerful tools, practical examples & proven formulas needed to prepare a professional business plan that will impress your lender. Includes budget models, how to list improvements, how to estimate sales & more..

YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE - You'll gain scores of proven skills... techniques you can begin to use the day you read the book. Learning just one new way to make the cash register ring will pay for the cost of this book many times over.

"Bar/Nightclub Management & Marketing - 101 Ways To Make The Cash Register Ring!" -  Available on CD-ROM in the universal Adobe .PDF e-book format. That means you can easily read it on your computer and conveniently print out any section or form you like as dictated by your needs.


Ever try to print out a chapter or a great new form you found in a printed book? Well, it's simple with our revolutionary e-book format. All 350 + pages are catalogued & placed in your own Manager's File Cabinet. Instead of flipping through pages to find your favorite section or form, just click on a link & you're there.... and, you can print out any part you want with just a click as well.

About the author: Industry guru, Ray Ford, is a 30 year Hospitality Industry veteran. During his career, he was a club DJ, a corporate trainer, VP of Marketing & Entertainment & a food & beverage owner/operator. 

As a top industry consultant, Ray has worked for the Who’s Who of the Hospitality Industry on over 100 projects. He has helped clients to build, open & operate over 50 concepts in hotels, restaurants, bars & nightclubs. Mr. Ford's clients, large & small, have come from over 40 states, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Virgin islands, UK, the US Military.

Mr. Ford has been affiliated with Nightclub & Bar magazine for over 20 years. Ray is a frequent contributor to the magazine. His feature articles on "Managing Your Environment" are legendary.

A founding member of the Nightclub & Bar Advisory Board, He has conducted numerous seminars & workshops at it's trade shows that are based on excerpts from his best selling book..

With a lifetime of experience, Ray Ford is recognized as an authority on food & beverage operations, marketing & training.

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